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Thursday, December 28, 2006

plus one, plus two

Plus one gallery, plus two gallery. Seen in Seymour Place, Marylebone.

Marylebone got its name from "Mary le Bone" and is today pronounced Merry lee bon (by outsiders) and Marlebo(r)ne (by insiders). Most people don't know Marylebone. It's north of Mafair and east of Paddington. Baker Street is in Marylebone. Enough information for today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My fathers family lived in Marybone for over 200 years. They always called it Mar a bon. I have a friend who's father also came from there and she always calls it Mar a bon too.

08/10/09 16:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes! It got it's name from the church of "St Mary by the river boune" which ran by the side of the church. Alas now all gone.

08/10/09 16:11


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