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Thursday, March 15, 2007

what's wrong?

What's wrong in this photo?

Was ist hier falsch?


Anonymous kris said...

nothing's wrong..quite good infact!

if i have to nit-pick, then the eye is not a "full"

16/03/07 13:07

Blogger jonemo said...

Seems there is not much interest in a wrong London skyline... Basically St Pauls does not belong next to the eye and Big Ben not into the City. This view is impossible to see from anywhere and is made by dual exposure - a technique which was quite popular with traditional cameras but is difficult to replicate with the digital ones (you can do it with Photoshop though but that is uncool).

18/03/07 01:33

Blogger Sally said...

Yep, I was gonna say that!

18/03/07 02:12

Anonymous kris said...

a ha! -_- :D

18/03/07 12:52

Blogger Chuckeroon said...

"Quite a lot" was my reply...but it's a great photo. All there and looking really good - better than in the real thing. Deserved more comment!!

19/03/07 16:42


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