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Friday, May 18, 2007

archway to college

About the picture: I can take four different routes to cycle to college.
1. Main road, side road, main road
2. Main road, main road, main road
3. Main road, side road, side road
4. Main road, main road, side road

Number 2 is certainly the fastest and 15 minutes is realistic. But I prefer number 4 because that is the least energy consuming because 2 has a lot of traffic lights on the last stretch where you have to accelerate and break all the time. That's why I pass through this archway pretty much every day (on the way back I usually take 4 because if it's not rush hour the traffic lights seem to work in a different pattern.

About the car: In that archway someone whose choice of car demonstrates no respect for other road users parks their vehicle. Not only are chances to get serious injury after being hit by such a car much higher than with more appropriate cars but they also emit more pollution hence contributing to climate change (which - I am convinced - causes the shitty weather we currently have) but also increases my chances to get lung cancer or develop asthma every time I am stuck in a queue of cars because some un-proportionally wide Land Rover (or Q7 or Cayenne for a change) blocks the way the other cars usually leave for cyclists.

This photo is also linked on the Daily London Map.


Blogger Abraham Lincoln said...

I liked your "shitty weather" comment. Off the cuff, so to speak, but it sums the weather up. We are well into what should be spring but there was frost on the roof tops this morning. I hope and even pray that this frost and the one expected tonight will not kill off everything like it did the last time (several weeks ago).

I like your description of going and coming. We have a multitude of ways to go here where I live. But we almost always go the "back routes" off major highways. There is more to see of everday life on the back roads than on the highways and super highways.

I know almost nothing, really, about England, except what I have seen in movies and of course the royal family. Which I find amusing sometimes. I liked Princess Diana a lot more than I liked her husband. The two boys are nice. That's about it--lest I forget, I do know there are a lot of Pubs in England. We don't have a single Pub anywhere around this state that I am aware of. Can you imagine that?

I like your post and your photo and the narrative about it.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

18/05/07 12:08


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