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Sunday, May 13, 2007

guards off track

Guards off track

Police was rather puzzled when they discovered a group of twelve race cyclists, who illegally cycled along the B31 (new), a Kraftfahrstrasse*, towards Stockach. The cyclists were participants of the "Iron Guardsman Challenge", a charity challenge of the Welsh Guards, members of the guard of Buckingham Palace in London. The soldiers who are members of a unit based in Bosnia are planning to cross the Channel from Calais to Dover in canoes once they finished their pedaling. Yesterday, however, the bikes where put into the support vehicle and the journey was completed in a legal way. Comment of an involved police man: "We should consider ourselves lucky that the guys didn't introduce driving on the left on the B 31!"

* Kraftfahrstrasse = Road dedicated to motorised traffic. All autobahns are Kraftfahrstrassen but also some less wide and fast roads (usually with at least three lanes). B31 (new) is the name of such a road with three lanes and a speed limit of 120 km/h (roughly 80 mph).


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People say that there are some Südkurier* readers living in London.

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