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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This is only partly London related, more UK in general I believe. Why why why do people here have taps like this in their houses??? Two reasons why I hate them:

1. It's hot and cold and you can't mix them before they come out. So either you freeze your hands while washing them or you burn them.
2. They are one inch from the side of the sink. So actually you can't wash your hands because you can't possibly fit them under the tap!

Zwei Gruende warum englische Wasserhaehne Mist sind:

1. Es gibt heiss und kalt aber keine Moeglichkeit die beiden zu mischen bevor sie aus dem Wasserhahn kommen. Also erfriert man entweder seine Haende oder verbrennt sie.
2. Die Wasserhaehne sind einen halben Zentimeter vom Rand des Waschbeckens. Man kann also seine Haende sowieso nicht waschen, weil sie nicht unter den Hahn passen!


Blogger Z said...

I agree with you completely. It boggles the mind that people still have these separate taps when right next door are the "mixer" types.

One question though: in your Deutsch version you write "halben Zentimeter" but in the English version "one inch". Why the difference?

20/05/07 12:09

Blogger Aigars Bruvelis said...

I hate them too, to be honest

20/05/07 14:00

Blogger jonemo said...

Z: Weil 25.4 Millimeter irgendwie komisch klingt.

20/05/07 15:39

Anonymous Speedy said...

Da hast du recht ;)

Kling genauso blöd wie:

There have you right ;)

14/06/07 13:52


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