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Saturday, June 02, 2007

a final picture

And a few final words:

Some of you will have noticed that over the last weeks posting has become a bit too sporadic to justify the title of this blog. I already mentioned in an earlier post that I will soon be leaving London for a while. Unfortunately, I will still have to wait a few weeks for that great day to come, but I now decided to finish off the Daily London Photo earlier than planned.

I managed to keep the daily photos coming for almost an entire academic year which an incredibly long time considering how quick many other things change around me. I had some good fun at times when people gave me feedback on photos and I really appreciated that. Some days more than 300 people came along to have a look at my mediocre photography, the average was at around 40 visits a day with people arriving here from google who searched for strange expressions like "viscosity nutella" - just to find exactly the information they were looking for!

A big thank you to everyone who popped by every now and then and especially to those who left a comment, either on the page or sometimes even in real-life. Friends from high school had a regular look at London, Taha corrected my spelling of "Ernst & Young" and once I even received a postcard from Argentina! Thanks to you and all the others who I didn't mention.

So what will I spend the newly acquired free time on? Well, for starters, I have a (potentially) great summer ahead (after a year of studying that started of great and ended like academic years end). And, for readers, I plan a new blog. Slightly different topic this time, if I go ahead with it the topic will be something around the "tags": Robotics Physics Simulation Engines, C++ and maybe a little bit of American way of life. I'll keep you updated, so watch this space!